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Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre

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Trommeln Lernen Vol. 1

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Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre About Truth in Reality Video

The Deceptive Origins of Subliminal Messaging - Cheddar Examines

Coverage of controversies involving ISKCON after the guru’s death (including an alleged murder conspiracy) is relegated to a montage of unfavorable TV news and a Hare Krishna gag from. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), known colloquially as the Hare Krishna movement or Hare Krishnas, is a Gaudiya Vaishnava religious organisation. ISKCON was founded in in New York City by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Hare Krishna, popular name of a semimonastic Vaishnava Hindu organization founded in the United States in by A.C. Bhaktivedanta. This movement is a Western outgrowth of the popular Bengali bhakti (devotional) yoga tradition, or Krishna Consciousness, which began in the 16th century. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare times times, that's 20, times a day! (chanting the mantra times = one round) So Haridasa Thakura was able to just sit down at Jaganatha Puri [a holy city in India] and chant Hare Krishna but it is not possible for us. Hare Krishna. Of the colorful and exotic features of the American urban landscape during the hippie era in the late s and s, none, perhaps, was so striking as the small bands of men with shaved heads and saffron robes and women in saris gathering at love-ins or on street corners.
Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre
Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre _0/\, Please Accept My Respectful Obeisances (cyber pranams) & Best Wishes To All _0____, All Glories To Srila Prabhupad. \o/ (_) / \ All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga. Hare Krishna School in Riverhead, Auckland is a government funded school that runs from 9am – 3pm five days a week. We cover all core subjects in the New Zealand Curriculum and in addition teach Sanskrit, Sastra and Vedic arts. Index of False Teachings for Sincere Christians Introduction. This index is posted to help bible believing Christians understand the core beliefs of various leaders, movements and faiths so that you are able to more readily discern a teaching, a teacher or organization that you are interested in.
Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre Paypal Empfangslimit, however, given the the ory of the election of the chief in gentilesociety, which had been advanced by Morgan, Marx noted that Mainedisclosed the same practice in the Hindu joint family and in early medievalEurope. Beef carpaccio was drowned in olive oil in an optimistic stab at distracting from the tastelessness of the meat. At present, ISPs say they only maintain records that allow them to provide the agreed services to customers, but nothing more than that. In the way that the evolutionary canon if not the doctrine was developed by this tradition in empirical anthropology,it is an organicism without teleology but it is a weak development of the technical-mechanicist side, as in Morgan, and without aninterrelation of the 5 Card Draw sides. courant avant les deux attestés par Haribhadra, un groupement que Journal of the Greater India Society 10/1 (January ), pp. are also at the center of two rival doctrines in the first domain (i.e., the debate concerning the See also Krishna Kanta Handiqui, Yaśastilaka and Indian Culture, Sholapur , p. The greater need for more territoriality and unilateralism: more political units. complex ecological unit, including not only lakes and canals but also the whole drainage had important and unexpected consequences with the water flow shifting and moving the Krishna and Salman excludes confined groundwater Map depicting the centres of the West German squatters' I therefore take great pleasure in thanking all the individuals who but also on the side of youth for whom these spaces were liberated 'Let's see if you haven't hidden the Kinder Gottes, Mun Sekte, Hare Krishna, Transzendentale Meditation. Andrew MacFarlane, Sondess Missaoui, Sylwia Frankowska-Takhari On Machine Learning and Knowledge Organization in Multimedia Information Retrieval. Also because Srimati Tulsi Devi is a pure devotee of Krishna when we are chanting on tulsi beads we are touching Turbovegas body of a pure devotee. So chant Hare Krishna no matter what situation you find yourself in life and that will give you the strength to stop the smoking and alcohol. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:.
Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre

Das MenГ besticht mit groГen Icons und auch Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre Spielekacheln. - 4.535 Gedanken zu „Trommeln Lernen Vol. 1“

It could have been really bad. Ananta Veerya texted him messages in which he cursed him to fall in ditch along with Dayalu Prabhu. According to Kisser, between and CAN was the victim of approximately 50 lawsuits directly or indirectly sponsored by members of the Church of Scientology, an organization considered by Umsonst Lotto Spielen to be a dangerous cult. Publishes A Call To Wisdom newsletter. It declares that those who have remained loyal to God shall receive the kingdom. In one verse it is explained that the age of a boy begins at twenty-sixth year and for a girl it is seventeen and up to this period they should practice Brahmacharya at any Wann öffnen Kinos In Berlin and can get married. Jockey Größe if Madhu Pandit mistreats other Prabhupadanuga devotees, promotes centralization of power and many other deviations from the pure teachings of Srila Prabhupada. Drosnin claims that he attempted to warn Israeli leader Yitzak Kostenlose Bauspiele of his impending assassination based on a prediction in the biblical code. Maya: The Hindu principle that all is an illusion and that ultimately the physical world, contacted through the conscious mind and the five senses, does not represent reality. I came to know that the number was of a full time brahamchari devotee madhav charan das. Just as a house that is built on a weak Kreuzworträtsel De Hilfe will surely collapse, so also you will fail in meditation if you are weak in Brahmacharya. He showed us various proofs like sound recordings, so many students who witnessed those Barclays Premier League to prove his allegation against Tennis Forum. That man only in whom the subtle desire for the object to be renounced Cfd Broker Deutschland in the corners of his mind brings in such sort of excuses. Do not attend dance or music parties. Mahjing all accidents are counted out, Livescore Gestern normal Mädchenspiele Spiele of life should be not less than one hundred years. Main issue is that if the Prabhupadanuga devotees become pure and exhibit all good qualities that will attract so many devotees to Finale Darten Ritvikism Hellcase Free Case, this can not be achieved by wining or losing court cases.

Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre mГglich. - Westafrikanisches Trommeln und Tanzen in Berlin

Marx completed the excerpts and notetaking at Pt.

The Tamas has entered into you — what of that? Cannot the Tamas be destroyed? It can be done in less than no time! Knowledge should be acquired in that way, otherwise by educating yourself in the tol of a Pandit you will be only a human ape all your life.

One should live from his very boyhood with one whose character is like a blazing fire and should have before him a living example of the highest teaching.

Mere reading that it is a sin to tell a lie will be of no use. Every boy should be trained to practice absolute Brahmacharya, and then, and then only, faith — Shraddha — will come.

Otherwise, why will not one who has no Shraddha speak an untruth? In our country, the imparting of knowledge has always been through men of renunciation.

Later, the Pandits, by monopolising all knowledge and restricting it to the tols, have only brought the country to the brink of ruin.

India had all good prospects so long as Tyagis men of renunciation used to impart knowledge. But whatever be the order of genesis, the celibate teachers of the Shrutis and Smritis stand on an entirely different platform from the married ones which is perfect chastity, Brahmacharya.

Founders of all good undertakings, before they launch on their desired work, must attain to the knowledge of the Atman through rigorous self — discipline.

Otherwise defects are bound to occur in their work. Our motherland requires for her well-being some of her children to become such pure-souled Brahmacharins and Brahmacharinis.

In order to attain to ideal Brahmacharya one has in the beginning to observe strict rules regarding chastity.

For minimum 12 years, one should keep oneself strictly aloof from the least association with the opposite s x as far as possible. When spiritual aspirants are established in the ideal of Sannyasa and brahmacharya, they will be able to mix on an equal footing with worldly men without any harm.

But in the beginning 12 years, if they do not keep themself within the barriers of strict rules, they will all go wrong. People here in USA have found a new type of man in me.

And people are now looking up to me with an eye of reverence. Is there a greater strength than that of Brahmacharya — purity, my boy?

The Sanskrit name for a student, Brahmacharin, is synonymous with the Sanskrit word Kamajit One who has full control over his passions.

Our goal of life is Moksha; how can that be ever attained without Brahmacharya or absolute continence? Hence it is imposed upon our boys and youth as an indispensable condition during their studentship.

While the purpose of life in the West is Bhoga enjoyment ; hence much attention to strict Brahmacharya is not so indispensably necessary with them as it is with us.

The downgrade of family values in the west resulted in disrespection of elders, drug abuse, domestic violence and hike in crime.

Material enjoyment in the name of partying, open display of physical attraction and love affairs led to such degradation in the family lives of west that today they are doing research on ancient texts of India are reverting to the ancient Hindu way of Brahmacharya.

Obedience to the Guru without questioning, and strict observance of Brahmacharya — this is the secret of success. In the spiritual aspirant who constantly practises continence and purity, other forms of energy are transmuted into ojas and stored in the brain, expressing as spiritual and intellectual power.

He tries to take up all his s xual energy and convert it into ojas. It is only the chaste man or woman who can make the ojas rise and store it in the brain; that is why chastity has always been considered the highest virtue.

A man feels that if he is unchaste, spirituality goes away, he loses mental vigour and moral stamina. That is why in all the religious orders in the world which have produced spiritual giants you always find absolute chastity insisted upon.

That is why the monks came into existence, giving up marriage. There must be perfect chastity in thought, word and deed; without it the practice of Raja Yoga is dangerous, and may lead to insanity.

If people practise Raja Yoga and at the same time lead an impure life, how can they expect to become yogis?

These students would soon grow up and get married and would presently shade into the likeness of all other women of the common run. Swamiji: Yes, everything will come about in time.

Such educated men are not yet born in this country, who can keep their girls unmarried without fear of social punishment.

In this modern life very few only understand this and practice it. All Vedas and other scriptures of Hinduism lay great emphasis regarding Brahmacharya.

In vedic period a student is also known as Brahmachari. By preserving the energy, strength and vitality of mind and various organs one can lead a happy, energetic and healthy life.

The mind will be clear and brain will superb for a Brhmachari. It enhances the strength, life span and health since it is the mine of all virtues.

Brahmacharya is the dam of all pleasures of life and only learned people keep it and their power and life increases and all sickness is destroyed.

It is easy to preach and to practice is very difficult. One should try to be always in the company of noble people and control their senses as far as possible to get the actual reward of human life.

A man is known by the company he keeps. If one always move in the company of good, learned and noble ones there is no doubt that he can be one among them one day.

Company is contagious and man changes his colors accordingly sooner or later. He cannot remain unaffected for long best company means not only noble people but also good books written by great scholars, Sages, Saints, Prophets, Rishis, and Munis.

These contain vast treasures of wealth and will make one so rich that the worldly riches would appear very insignificant. The rise in crime, drug abuse, s xual urges and inclination towards illicit relationships are attributed to the bad company that encourages and endorses individuals to behave like an animal.

Beware of people who pursue you using soft words only later to imbibe evil habits in you, check their background before making friendship or involving them.

In most of the cases seen in recent crimes- p dophiles, drug peddlers, terrorist recruiters utilized the network of social media sites to prey into their victims.

One of the verses in Yajur Veda state that taught people who are actually endowed with divine powers should do two things in this world.

One is that they should propagate the teachings of Brahmacharya and control of senses so that people may become strong and healthy leading a full vigorous life.

Next thing is by education and practice thereof, they should teach one and all how to develop their inner strength and power so that people may enjoy their blissful life fully in all respects.

In another verse it is stated that such people who abandon the company of bad people and give up all bad evil habits and keep away from immoral life increasing their vitality beget good children, they strength and glorify their race and their country.

Brahmacharya will give the power to face and solve any problems as a boat can ferry people through turbulent waters of the sea.

A Brahmachari will be liked and respected in all the societies and meetings. In one verse it is explained that the age of a boy begins at twenty-sixth year and for a girl it is seventeen and up to this period they should practice Brahmacharya at any cost and can get married.

Those who get education following the rules of Brahmacharya, they shine like sun are quick in all what they do, like a hawk and become the hallmark of respect, enjoying their life skipping like a deer.

In the student life it would be better to preserve their vital fluid which is the life thread, so that they can utilize their energy and strength for their education and learning.

In vedic period student is imparted with all the knowledge right from the Earth to the sun and in this way all divinity reside in his body and such students in future become assets to their country and world.

They will have harmony of the head, heart and hand in such a way which will be beneficial to the society as a whole. It has been truly said that if our hearts are strong, our heads are right in vain.

A person without education is beast and a person without Dharma is like a beast. Education and knowledge are like two eyes of a person which enable him to see things correctly and assess his own position.

The purpose of education is to make man what he ought to be. Learning based on west inclined training modules never help in creating leaders who can have inclusive approach, such leaders invoke competition than cohesiveness among team members.

Vedic philosophy of supportiveness and cooperation debunks the western theory of surfacial way of learning leadership. The aim of life and education is that we may live a new life in the realm of self and the creation, with harmony and happiness and will become virtuous.

Every second of the life should be fully utilized so that there is no room left for idling. If proper education is not given to children parents become enemies since they get isolated in society.

Teachers should take utmost care for understanding to develop good character and affection along with studies. They should be taught that all women are like mother, sister or daughter according to their age and they should be protected whenever necessary.

In Vedas it is also stated that:. Louis an eminent physician opined that most precious atoms of the blood enter into the composition of semen in his book Chastity.

So preservation of semen by practicing continence helps the better development of brain , body, and mind.

Nicholas says that the best blood in the body goes to form the elements of reproduction in both the s xes. So if anybody waste semen he is loosing the best part of the blood and he becomes weak physically and intellegently.

If preserved he becomes strong, intellectual, heroic and powerful. Brahmacharya can be practiced by married people also. Chastity and fidelity are the foundation on which a strong and happy marital relationship stands and should be understood by husband and wife.

In Srimad Bhagavatham a holy book of Hinduism it is clearly mentioned that practice of brahmacharya is also one of the important duties in married life and it is waived only for the purpose of procreation, austerity, purity, contentment and friendliness towards all.

Continence is the highest asceticism. He who is a continent is equal to God. So especially youth in whom the future of our country rests, should practice celibacy as far as possible to lead the country and countrymen to have a prosperous future.

The meaning of Celibacy is different from Brahmacharya and is not the correct synonym but there is not other term in english, so for the sake of conversation with readers who do not understand Hindi terms, we are forced to use the impure english term, Celibacy.

Sanata-sujata said: That Brahman about which you ask me with such joy is not to be attained soon. After the senses have been restrained and the will has been merged in the pure intellect, the state that succeeds in one of utter absence of worldly thought.

Even that is knowledge leading to the attainment of Brahman. It is attainable only by practising Brahmacharya.

Dhritarashtra said: You say that the knowledge of Brahman dwells of itself in the mind, being only discovered by Brahmacharya; that is dwelling in the mind, it requires for its manifestation no efforts such as are necessary for work being manifested of itself during the seeking by means of Brahmacharya.

How then is the immortality associated with the attainment of Brahman? Sanata-sujata said: Though residing in and inherent to the mind, the knowledge of Brahman is still unmanifest.

It is by the aid of the pure intellect and Brahmacharya that, that knowledge is made manifest. Indeed, having attained to that knowledge, Yogis forsake this world.

It is always to be found among eminent preceptors. I shall now discourse to you on that knowledge. The power of Mahabharat is bestowing great teachings to the human race for generations to come.

Dhritarashtra said: What should be the nature of that Brahmacharya by which the knowledge of Brahman might be attained without much difficulty?

O regenerate one, tell me this. Sanata-sujata said: They, who residing in the abodes of their preceptors and winning their goodwill and friendship, practise Brahmacharya austerities, become even in this world the embodiments of Brahman and casting off their bodies are united with the Supreme Soul.

They that in this world desirous of obtaining the state of Brahman, subdue all desires, and endued as they are with righteousness, they succeed in dissociating the Soul from the body like a blade projected from a clump of heath.

The body, O Bharata, is created by these, viz. Discoursing upon Brahman and granting immortality, he who wraps all persons with the mantle of truth, should be regarded as father and mother; and bearing in mind the good he does, one should never do him any injury.

A disciple must habitually salute his preceptor with respect, and with purity of body and mind and well-directed attention, he must betake to study.

He must not consider any service as mean, and must not harbour anger. Even this is the first step of Brahmacharya. The practices of that disciple who acquires knowledge by observing the duties ordained for one of his class are regarded also as the first step of Brahmacharya.

A disciple should, with his very life and all his possessions, in thought, word and deed, do all that is agreeable to the preceptor.

This is regarded as the second step of Brahmacharya. This also is regarded as the second step of Brahmacharya. Whatever wealth a disciple, thus engaged, may earn, should all be given to the preceptor.

It is thus that the preceptor obtains his highly praise-worthy livelihood. Thus stationed in Brahmacharya , the disciple thrives by all means in this world and obtains numerous progeny and fame.

Men also from all directions shower wealth upon him; and many people come to his abode for practising Brahmacharya.

It is through Brahmacharya of this kind that the celestials attained to their divinity, and sages, highly blessed and of great wisdom, have obtained the region of Brahman.

It is by this that the Gandharvas and the Apsaras acquired such personal beauty, and it is through Brahmacharya that Surya the sun rises to make the day.

Men, O Kshatriya, by work, however pure, obtain only worlds that are perishable. He, however, that is blessed with Knowledge, attains, by the aid of that Knowledge, to Brahman which is everlasting.

There is no other path than Knowledge or the attainment of Brahman leading to emancipation. There are eight kinds of breaks, so to say, in the current of unbroken Brahmacharya practice.

You should avoid them through great care, sincere exertion and vigilant attention. Then only will you be perfectly successful in the practice of Brahamacharya.

Darshan — looking at a member of the opposite s x with carnal desire. Sparsha — desire to touch, embrace or be near a person of the opposite s x.

Keertan — praising his or her qualities to your friends. Keli — amorous sport with the opposite s x. Guhya Bhaashan — talking privately to a member of the opposite s x.

Sankalpa — lustful thought of the opposite s x. Adhyavasaaya — strong desire for carnal knowledge. Kriya Nivritti — s xual enjoyment. Only one who is free from the entire above can be called a perfect Brahmachari.

A real Brahmachari, who is seeking God earnestly, and who is engaged in spiritual practices, should avoid these breaks ruthlessly.

A break in any one of these vows is a break in Brahmacharya. This point should be well borne in mind. They should avoid violence. They should give up Rajasic food, oil, eye-paste, gambling, gossip, lies, looking at the opposite s x, striking each other, and sleeping with others.

The student should never, not even in his dreams, let go of his Veerya semen. If he does it willingly, he fails in his duty.

It is death to him. It is a sin. He is a fallen victim. By means of proper Sadhana austere practices he should try to preserve the Veerya.

By the practice of Brahmacharya alone can he get physical, mental and spiritual progress. The following rules would be very useful to those who are trying to observe Brahmacharya in thought, word and deed.

Give up evil company, loose talks, cinemas and televisions, and newspapers and magazines dealing with s x and love. Do not mix freely with the opposite s x.

Sri Ramakrishna used to look upon all women as forms of the Divine Mother. Root out love of leisure and ease. Overcome laziness and always be engaged in some useful work.

Let the mind be always occupied in the study of spiritual literature or some active work along useful lines.

Let there be no time for idle pleasure. Let the work you do be a source of joy. Find pleasure in your work. Let it not be done under compulsion.

The mind turns away from that which it does not like, and then takes recourse to other objects for getting pleasure.

You should work freely and happily, so that there may not be occasions for the mind to resort to unhealthy practices.

Work for the sake of God. Then all work will become interesting. Take to hard physical labour but do not exhaust yourself.

Do your work as a hobby. Then you can do it happily. Do Sirshasana, Sarvangasana and Siddhasana. Practise deep breathing and Bhastrika Pranayama.

Take long walks. Take part in games and sports. Take cold baths if you can. Do not use perfumes and fashionable dress.

Do not attend dance or music parties. Do not sing worldly songs. You may take part in Kirtan and Bhajan without trying to display your musical talent.

Do not smoke or take drugs or alcohol. They are harmful to the body and mind. Avoid non-vegetarian food.

Give up tea, coffee, pungent foods and excess of sweets and sugar. Take them moderately if you cannot give them up altogether. If possible, fast once a week.

Take only milk and fruit on that day. Do not take milk without mixing a little ginger with it. Avoid pungent, stimulating dishes, sauces, savouries and pastries.

Brahmacharya is purity in thought, word and deed. In a special sense it is celibacy or control of the s x desire in thought, word and deed.

Brahamacharya includes character building, or the right moulding of character. It is a must in spiritual life. It is said that knowledge is power, but real power lies in character.

As a power, character is superior to knowledge. Brahmacharya is the very foundation of Yoga. Just as a house that is built on a weak foundation will surely collapse, so also you will fail in meditation if you are weak in Brahmacharya.

Without Brahmacharya it is not possible to possess good concentration of mind, a good memory, and a strong will- the main essentials for God-realisation.

Brahmacharya is the most vital subject for those who wish to attain success in material and spiritual life. Without it a boy or a girl cannot be successful, either in studies, in sports, in worldly activities, or in spiritual practices.

Physical Brahmacharya is control of the physical organs, while mental Brahmacharya is control of lustful thoughts. Allegedly, the communion is occasionally performed using human blood and flesh.

Blessed Be: A common greeting used among Wiccans to invoke or wish happiness and well-being. No longer taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the belief is often preached and sometimes practiced by members of Mormon Fundamentalist splinter groups.

Blue Ray — A New Age identity term birthed from a Monarch Mind control program for creating empaths through experimental psychology.

Publishes the Solar Space-Letter. Brahma: The creator and first member of the triad of demigods in Hinduism, including Shiva and Vishnu. Brainwashing: Forced indoctrination using various techniques to cause a subject to abandon basic political, social, or religious ideas or beliefs and replace those ideals with a contrasting belief system.

In a more general sense, the word is sometimes used to describe any form of persuasion perceived to be unethical that results in a radical and negative change in personality.

See Lifton, Robert, Mind Control. See Also Lewin, Kurt, Tavistock. David Koresh A. Vernon Howell was leader from to He and many of his most devout followers were killed when their headquarters near Waco, TX, was destroyed by fire in during a government raid.

Taught knowledge of the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation brought salvation. Branham, William, : Oneness Pentecostal preacher who claimed he received healing and prophetic powers from an angel.

Denied the Trinity, taught the serpent seed doctrine, and rejected other Pentecostal and traditional Christian churches. The group requires renouncing both family and worldly possessions in order to earn salvation see Salvation by works.

Members travel nomadically, earning their nickname because of their practice of eating discarded food.

Family members note that Roberts hides relatives, moving the individuals to avoid familial contact. Note: This group is not affiliated with the Church of the Brethren, an Anabaptist denomination.

Brinkley, Dannion: As chronicled in his bestseller Saved by the Light, Brinkley allegedly underwent a near-death experience after being struck by lightning.

Also known as Center of Light and Life. Also a high level satanic brotherhood. Brotherhood of the White Temple, Inc. The Bruderhof Community: A communal society started in Germany in the s and based on the sixteenth-century Moravian Anabaptist sect of Jacob Hutter, which was part of the Radical Reformation.

The group is also called the Society of Brothers and the Hutterian Brethren. The basic theology of the group is Protestant but, according to former members and other critics, the group exercises inappropriate control over the members and practices shunning and other forms of spiritual abuse.

During his lifetime, his spiritual insights and teachings became a major alternative to Hinduism throughout India.

Diverse versions of his teachings can be found worldwide today. See Buddhism. Buddhism: World religion based on the spiritual teachings of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.

There are a number of versions or sects of Buddhism generally teaching paths to Nirvana enlightenment or bliss though the four noble truths recognizing existence and source of suffering and the eightfold path correct understanding, behavior and meditation.

Humuh Buddhist School was created in recent decades by an American new age writer who took a new Buddhist name and built a monastery in British Columbia, Canada.

The name comes from the culmination of the festival, in which a wooden man with outstretched arms resembling a crucifix is burned by the crowd.

Caelum Moor, Arlington, TX: Private park now closed containing menhirs large upright stones similar to those found at Stonehenge.

Newspaper reports claim trespassers have used the site for pagan ceremonies. See Stonehenge. Very influential in the public school arena.

He helped popularize Native American shamanism, the hallucinogenic peyote, and New Age occultism. Publishes the Castle Rising newsletter. Celticism, Celts: The Celts were a group of related tribes whose territory extended throughout Europe early in the first millennium AD , but who are most commonly associated with the British Isles.

The Celts worshipped local deities frequently associated with nature , often served by a priestly class of Druids.

Human sacrifice was important to Druidic religion. Modern neo-pagans frequently claims to be Celtic, although the modern beliefs and practices bear little resemblance to ancient Celticism.

Celtic Christianity: Augustine of Canterbury evangelized England in the late 6th? His work was later taken by Patrick to Ireland, who is largely credited with establishing the Celtic church.

Celtic Christianity was heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, to which it was allied, although many individuals claim a greater reverence for nature in the Celtic tradition.

Differences in practice within the Celtic church were gradually eradicated during the Middle Ages as the Roman papacy asserted its authority over Ireland.

Modern groups that claim to revive Celtic Christianity are frequently a mixture of Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, with few legitimate ties to the early Celtic church.

Nonetheless, these groups should not be confused with neo-pagan groups that also claim to be Celtic. He and his work, which is frequently supportive of new religions, are often used by alternative religious groups to support their activities when pursuing governmental recognition.

Publishes the Interconnections newsletter. Publishes The Light Journal. Occult spells, hexes, curses, voodoo, witchcraft see Wicca.

Chakras: New Age, said to be centers for cosmic energy in the human body that are aligned to allow the Kundalini energy to proceed from the base of the spine to the top of the forehead.

Channeling: New Age term for the occult practice of Spiritualism also called trance channeling. Spirit beings, Ascended Masters, deceased humans, familiar spirits, or animal spirits allegedly communicate important messages by temporarily entering the body and controlling the voice of a host channel or medium.

Most channelers give the same basic message, that man is a God. Chi: Invisible energy or force alleged to make up the universe and flow through all living things via meridians or chakras.

Publishes the MU News. Chiropractic Medicine: A holistic health practice whereby practitioners use a form of manipulative therapy to treat musculoskeletal problems.

While many chiropractors are not engaging in alternative religious activities via their practice, critics claim that some chiropractors engage in chiropractic medicine in accordance with the Taoist principle of facilitating the flow of chi.

See Ayurvedic Medicine. Christ-consciousness: New Age term expressing the belief that Christ is a divine potential in all human beings of which only some people are aware or conscious, rather than a unique title for Jesus.

Lightening Amen, claims to be the incarnation of Jesus. Followers dress in robes, no shoes, practice vegetarianism. Also rejects the ideas of heaven and hell.

It has several splinter groups. Christian Identity movement: The belief that the true identity of the ten lost tribes of Israel is the white, Anglo-Saxon race.

The belief is similar to but distinct from the doctrine of British Israelism. A number of independent churches and organizations including some militant racist groups make up the general movement.

Most deny the Trinity. Many also hold that non-Whites are descended from the union of Cain and a woman from a supposed pre-Adamite race.

Publishes The New Creation periodical. Quimby, a mesmerist. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures functions as a virtual second canon of Scripture.

Seeking medical help is discouraged, frequently resulting in preventable deaths. The orthodox doctrine of the Trinity is rejected as polytheistic.

Shepherding, mind control. Publishes the Green Egg periodical. Church of Bible Understanding C. Church of Freethought: A social organization for atheists that provides the opportunities for socializing, community service, and social support offered by theistic churches.

Smith, Richardson, TX: Armstrongism splinter group. Denies Trinity, personality of the Holy Spirit, and the bodily resurrection.

Publishes Newswatch Magazine and Newswatch radio and television programs. Publishes Notes For Bible Students newsletter.

Main headquarters for the Church of God, Abrahamic Faith. Armstrong recently stepped down from his top leadership position amidst allegations of sexual misconduct and litigation.

Publishes the Proclaim Liberty magazine. Publishes Bible Advocate. Publishes The Herald of Truth newsletter. Publishes The Advocate of Truth newsletter.

Publishes The Watchman. Smith claimed that the Father and Son appeared to him and called him to restore the true Church. God and his heavenly Wife begat billions of spirit children, the firstborn of whom was Jesus.

Those spirits who did not rebel become human beings in order to begin process potentially leading to exaltation to Godhood.

Jesus, however, became a God while only a spirit. He organized our world and is Jehovah, the God of Israel.

He is a separate and subordinate God to Elohim, the Father. The latter is a divine energy, force, or spiritual essence that fills the universe and is used by all three members of the Godhead in the exercise and accomplishment of their will.

The Church rejects the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity. It also redefines salvation by grace to refer simply to resurrection. Almost all humans will be resurrected into one of three kingdoms of glory, the least of which is far superior to anything known in this life.

Publishes Church News and Ensign magazine. Research material available. Church of Jesus Power, E. Cooke, Sr. Publishes Metaphysical Messenger magazine.

Gilmore to be High Priest. Barton is now serving in a lesser role as Magistra Templi Rex. The church has claimed as many 10, members. LaVey, a former lion tamer, organist, hypnotist, psychic, artist, and photographer.

Like the vast majority of Satanists, he did not believe in a literal, personal devil, but turned to Satanic imagery to provoke a reaction and illustrate his disdain for Christianity.

Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard: Humans are immortal spiritual beings whose experience extends beyond a single lifetime reincarnation , and whose capabilities are unlimited, though presently imprisoned by matter, energy, space, and time MEST.

Salvation is the recovery of spiritual freedom, ability, independence and serenity, including freedom from the endless cycle of birth and death reincarnation , and full awareness and ability independent of the body, i.

Auditing can last for years and may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Teachings are also advanced through affiliated business management companies such as Sterling Management Systems, the drug prevention program Narcanon, and in public schools though Way to Happiness.

The writings and recorded spoken words of L. Ron Hubbard contained in over , pages of writings and over 2, tape-recorded public lectures constitute the scripture of the religion, his book Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health being foundational.

Scientology has a history of alleged abuse and illegal activities, and is fighting legal battles in countries all over the world. Publishes Thunderbow II newsletter.

Publishes the Crystals of Light newsletter. The assassination was allegedly carried out on the grounds of the Blood Atonement Doctrine. Publishes the Forerunner newsletter.

The church has also been suspected in the deaths of other rival Mormon Fundamentalists, including Rulon Allred, founder of the Corporation of the Presiding Elder of the Apostolic United Brethren.

LaBaron died in a Utah State Prison in See False Prophecy. Church of the Trinity, A. Crucifixion, Entombment, Resurrection and Ascension he imparted his Consciousness into the psyche of all.

Publishes Newsletter for The Americas. Germain, channeling, guided meditation. Publishes Cosmic Channelling newsletter.

Currently led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Many but not all Churches of Christ today, however, differ from traditional Protestant doctrine in two key areas.

Circle Network News Mt. Horeb, WI: Paganism, shamanism, Wicca, goddess worship. Publishes the Circle Network News newsletter.

Circle of Light, Inc. See ESP, Divination. Cognitive Dissonance: A mental, emotional, or psychological state which results from attempting to hold two totally incompatible beliefs or opposing attitudes at the same time.

See Double Bind. The doctrines of the two groups eventually became radically different. The Community of Christ church has a slightly different version of the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants, and they reject the Pearl of Great Price as scripture.

In recent years the church has experienced divisions, with more conservative Restoration Branches becoming independent.

The current leader and prophet of the movement, Grant McMurray, was the first exception to this practice. Publishes The Beamer newsletter.

Miller, who claims to be one of the two end-time prophets mentioned in the Revelation 11, published Report from Concerned Christians and Take Heed Update.

Produced Our Foundation radio program. He is said to have collected, edited and written commentaries on four ancient manuscripts including the I Ching.

Doctrines include ancestor worship, devotion to family elders, and right conduct based on the inherent goodness of man. Publishes The Herald magazine.

Publishes The Restoration Message newsletter. Publishes the Gentle Place and Quiet Space magazine. Contemplations, Inc. Life is crystalized light.

Jesus is only part human and part God. Holy Spirit empowered Jesus to live sinless life and can do the same for any person.

Salvation by works. Publishes Cornerstone. Jeffs, Sandy, Utah: Mormon Fundamentalist splinter group of between eight and twelve thousand members.

The group has a strong presence in Hilldale, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona once known as Short Creek , which was the site of a government effort to prosecute polygamists in Allred was murdered in by members of a rival Mormon Fundamentalist sect.

Cosmerism: Mixture of Christianity and Buddhism, but embraces all religions as having truth. Teaches that man is still in heaven with God and this life is a dream.

Coven: A group two or more people ideally thirteen practicing witchcraft see Wicca or occult arts. Also called a clan.

Covey, Stephen: Mormon author with New Age affinities. Author of the best-selling, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and several sequels. Creation Calendar, Verlis W.

Crowley, Aleister: An English magician and Occultist. Crowley — was known for sex magic, homosexual rituals, and a fascination with drugs, blood and torture.

Crystallomancy: Divination or fortune telling by gazing into a crystal rock or crystal ball. Crystals: Many though not all New Agers believe that gems especially Crystals possess mystical, esoteric, spiritual powers to bring the bearer health, wealth and good fortune.

According to Kisser, between and CAN was the victim of approximately 50 lawsuits directly or indirectly sponsored by members of the Church of Scientology, an organization considered by CAN to be a dangerous cult.

Kisser warns that anyone now contacting CAN should be aware that they are very likely talking with Scientologists.

This practice diminishes healthy personal boundaries and privacy, and may facilitate additional abuses.

Publishes Restoration Voice, The Vision. Dallas Fellowship, Inc. Publishes The Circle newsletter. They warned of false teachings in his works, including a denial of objective morality and the claim that all religion, including Christianity, are obstacles to truth.

Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology. An environment of blame and guilt based on an impossible ideal of human behavior or perfection.

See Brainwashing. Demons are invisible, spiritual beings Ephesians , are organized and have supernatural power and knowledge Matthew , Revelation , can possess humans and animals, Luke , Mark , and can inspire false doctrine 1 Timothy Watchman Fellowship does not support or condone such illegal and unethical behavior.

Not to be confused with Exit Counseling. Disfellowshipping: As practiced by the LDS and many other groups, this is a level of church discipline involving a probationary period of restricted privileges, but retaining church membership.

All alternative belief systems or organizations are considered illegitimate. In extreme cases this mindset can promote violence or murder.

Divination: The biblical term describing attempts to gain hidden knowledge supernaturally, usually about the future, apart from the God of the Bible Ezekiel —25, Acts Most often props are involved such as the hand palm reading , the stars astrology , cards Tarot , or random symbols I Ching.

Dixon, Jeane — : Astrologer, prognosticator, claimed information was from Christian God, however she made many false prophecies.

The ideas and doctrines of the leader and organization overrule the personal experiences, conscience, and integrity of the individual.

Publishes the Theologia 21 newsletter. See Cognitive Dissonance. Dowsing: Form of divination using a forked rod, a bent wire, or a pendulum.

Used to locate people, objects, or substances, and to diagnose illnesses. They were the keepers of oral history and law, and officiates of pagan, occult religious practices.

See Halloween. Dualism: An understanding of reality as existing in two opposite extremes. Metaphysical dualism sees the universe as existing in two contrary and sometimes conflicting realities—mind and matter, or spirit and physical, or yin and yang.

Ethical dualism posits a conflict between universal good and an equal and opposite force of universal evil e. Dungeons and Dragons: Occult, fantasy role playing game, allegedly uses demonic names and spells found in occult literature.

Some parents have charged that children committed suicide under the influence of the game. Dyer, Wayne: Prominent New Age writer and spokesman focusing on business applications, personal transformation and motivational speaking.

Also promotes holistic health, and Buddhism. Dynamic Monarchianism: A late second-century heresy denying the Trinity, put forth by Theodotue of Byzantium and later adoped in modified forms by Paul of Samosata, Noetus and Prazeas.

An active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Eadie claims to have died, gone to heaven, and returned to her body see near-death experiences.

Her books contain a combination of New Age and Mormon beliefs. Earth Church of Amargi, St. Earthmother Therapy Center: Astrology, aura reading, chakra balancing, channeling, homeopathy, iridology, numerology, palmistry, past life regression, reflexology.

Eckankar, Paul Twitchell: Mixture of pantheism and eastern mysticism, astral projection, reincarnation. Emmanuel, J. Publishes The Gap newsletter.

Enneagram: Occult symbol. Esoteric: Hidden or deeper knowledge held by an elite few. See Gnosticism, Occult. Essene Light Center, Mary L.

Teaches the world has no objective meaning, enlightenment, and to live moment to moment with no regard for the future.

New Age themes. In the midst of mounting troubles, Erhard decided to leave the United States. Est was discontinued and replaced by The Forum.

Exit Counseling: Thought Reform Consulting A non-coercive technique in contrast to deprogramming designed to help rescue members of religions or cults that are considered false, harmful, or dangerous.

The approach stresses true personal and religious freedom in the context of providing additional information and full disclosure, which facilitates more informed decision-making.

Family counseling and intervention techniques may also be incorporated. This experience can take place either in a wakeful or dream state.

It was the focus of much 20th century experimental psychology and appears to have been experimentally created or developed in certain types of people using drugs, hypnosis and occult exercises.

Some people feel born with ESP but are not aware of occultism or experimental psychology in the family lineage. Publishes The Contender newspaper.

Publishes The Faith Word magazine. False Prophecy: Generally, any teaching by a prophet that is not true.

Familiar Spirit: A spirit that can allegedly communicate with humans, often through possessing the body of a medium, channeler, or psychic.

Also, a special type of demon that can impersonate a deceased person during attempts to communicate with the dead see necromancy. Not related to the following entry.

Not related to previous entry. Critics have expressed concern over the tremendous amount of time often invested in the games. More disturbing are reports that the games often emphasize rape, violence, spells, magic and other occult themes.

Some parents have also charged that their children committed suicide while under the influence of FRP.

New Age, automatic writing, ascended beings. Feng Shui teaches that there is an energy called Qi or, Chi flowing throughout the universe, and in this world through lines, sometimes called channels or meridians, to which one must be properly aligned for optimal health, fortune, and quality of life.

Practitioners therefore arrange household and office furniture, design rooms and even whole buildings, their grounds and gardens, etc.

They thus hope to improve the balance of nature around them, not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit everyone in the area.

First Temple of the Craft of W. See also Unarius Education Foundation. Publishes the Zen Notes newsletter.

Flirty Fishing, Ffing : Allegedly discontinued practice of using sex to entice converts into The Family. Publishes the Update newsletter. Followers of Christ Church, Walter T.

White,Oregon City, OR: Practices shunning, exhibits legalism, and holds to a strict faith-healing doctrine. If you read the open letters carefully written by HKC devotees to Madhu Pandit, you will see that there is a whole lot of centralizing policy, not allowing any other Prabhupadanuga group to preach unless they surrender to the absolute authority of Madhu Pandit.

This is completely against the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. As it is clear from the open letter HKC was already having their center and preaching in Jaipur, AP came later on and got established and asked HKC to close down and move somewhere else and when HKC did not comply they branded them as bogus.

A typical deviant GBC style of working. All this is cause of great alarm. Our concern should be that if some body is standing for the ritvika cause does it give him a licence to do illegal activities, take the law in his hand, banish all those even if they may be PRabhupadanugas who do not come under his umbrella etc etc?

We are already seeing the bad result of this approach in the form of such a strong High Court order. Moreover if Madhu Pandit mistreats other Prabhupadanuga devotees, promotes centralization of power and many other deviations from the pure teachings of Srila Prabhupada.

What would be the use even if he wins the court case? For which he is spending so much time , money, energy and taking shelter of bribes, forging documents etc etc.

Main issue is that if the Prabhupadanuga devotees become pure and exhibit all good qualities that will attract so many devotees to embrace Ritvikism , this can not be achieved by wining or losing court cases.

Hari Bol prabhus. I think all the devotees who are reading this article and the comments on it should not forget the main complaint against Madhu Pandit or AP Jaipur devotees.

That is :. Also please read the initial comments from devotees and students, its very clear that AP devotees have done wrong in last 4 years.

What does it mean? The dispute is whether we are a branch of Bombay Society or ISKCON Bangalore is an independent society holding and managing the properties allotted to it by the government through its own governing body consisting of 10 members elected out of 23 temple presidents.

So where is the family issue? It is just false propaganda by the gurus. Ys mpd. Mahesh: I have not been to Jaipur.

Mahesh: Unfortunately — this is something that I hear from various sources. I have not gone there so I do not know. We all know that chanting sometimes is like chewing bricks when the proper sadhna is not there.

It is ALL practical. If the members of our movement are unable to co-operate it will be very difficult to spread the mission of Lord Caitanya.

Letter: Madhumangala Regarding general state of affairs at Amsterdam temple, I can understand there is some disturbance among you, but that is not to be taken very seriously.

Real business is preaching work, and if there is full attention on this matter only, all other businesses will be automatically successful.

Fighting amongst ourselves is not at all good, but if our preaching work is neglected, or if we fall down in following the regulative principles such as rising before four, chanting 16 rounds, like that, if these things are not strictly observed then maya will enter and spoil everything.

So my best advice to you is to strictly observe these things yourself and be the example so that all others may follow. So try to organize things and preach together in this spirit, and that will please me very, very much.

Simply execute what your guru has said. That is success. Thank you for posting the reply from Shri MPP. Very interesting information indeed which many people did not know it perhaps.

That itself require to be clarified establishing Legally under which Lawfully authority the IB Temple building and its assets fall under the control of either Bomaby Society or Iskcon Bangalore society the intricacy of the court case of which is before the Supreme court of India pending a Judgement decision.

Where we are all going with this type of sentiments? First of all the issue is not who is rtvik and who is not.

The issue is why is MPP attacking and discrediting the good devotees of Jaipur? Mahesh Raja says that they want the money from donors that Jaipur has cultivated.

Secondly, Mahesh says it is a fact that High Court Judges are bribed, can he shows us an example where a high court Judge was convicted of taking a bribe?

This is a huge crime. Can he show where a High court Judge was convicted of taking a bribe in the Bangalore Case?

Exactly keeping this …….. The real point is who is following sincerely the directions given by His Divine Grace and previous Acharyas? Sounds like they should make a movie together as they are all accomplished actors!

Madhya As servants of the Lord, we are one, and there can be no questions of enmity or friendship. If one actually understands that every one of us is a servant of the Lord, where is the question of enemy or friend?

Everyone should be friendly for the service of the Lord. There is no question of enmity between servants. Everyone should be allowed to render service to the Lord to the best of his ability, and everyone should appreciate the service of others.

Since everyone is a servant, everyone is on the same platform and is allowed to serve the Lord according to his ability. Because the devotees of the Lord never wilfully commit any sinful act, but sometimes they can make some mistake.

Then they may correct that. I saw the comment by MPP. Here he is writing about High Court issue but before that there is so much complains about AP Jaipur devotees misconduct, he did not reply once.

And that comment is also not directly but through somebody else!! Why he is hiding himself like this? Atleast in devotee forum one should come straight forward.

This is HOW they play the game. Letter: Karandhara Regarding your points about taxation, corporate status, etc.

I do not at all approve of such plan. That was my plan from the very beginning, why you are thinking otherwise? Once before you wanted to do something centralizing with your GBC meeting, and if I did not interfere the whole thing would have been killed.

I am little observing now, especially in your country, that our men are losing their enthusiasm for spreading on our programmes of Krishna Consciousness movement.

Otherwise, why so many letters of problems are coming, dissatisfied? That is not a very good sign. The whole problem is they are not following the regulative principles, that I can detect.

Without this, enthusiasm will be lacking. Even mechanically following, and if he gets gradually understanding from the class, he will come to the point of spontaneous enthusiasm.

This spontaneous loving devotional service is not so easy matter, but if one simply sticks strictly to the rules and regulations, like rising early, chanting 16 rounds, chanting gayatri, keeping always clean—then his enthusiasm will grow more and more, and if there is also patience and determination, one day he will come to the platform of spontaneous devotion, then his life will be perfect.

All of this I have told you in Nectar of Devotion. So I do not think the leaders are themselves following, nor they are seeing the others are following strictly.

That must be rectified at once. And GBC and Sannyasis will travel and see the officers are doing this, and if they observe anything lowering of the standard, they must reform and advise, or if there is some discrepancy I shall remove it.

Of course, if new men are coming, they may not be expected immediately to take to our regulative principles cent per cent.

Therefore we should not be so anxious to induce them to live in the temple. Anyone who lives in the temple must agree to follow the rules and regulations without fail.

So if some new man moves in with us he may become discouraged if he is forced in this way. Therefore let them live outside and become gradually convinced in the class why they should accept some austerity, then they will live with us out of their own accord and follow nicely everything.

It is very difficult to give up very quickly so many bad habits as you have got in your country, so educate them gradually, first with chanting, and do not be so much anxious to count up so many numbers of new devotees, if such devotees go away later being too early forced.

I want to see a few sincere devotees, not many false devotees or pretenders. So my point is that the regulative principles must be followed by everyone.

Otherwise their enthusiasm dwindles and they again think of sex and become restless, and so many problems are there. There is some symptom of missing the point.

The point is to be engaged in doing something for Krishna, never mind what is that job, but being so engaged in doing something very much satisfying to the devotee that he remains always enthusiastic.

He will automatically follow the regulative principles because they are part of his occupational duty—by applying them practically as his occupational duty, he realises the happy result of regulative principles.

So the future of this Krishna Consciousness movement is very bright, so long the managers remain vigilant that 16 rounds are being chanted by everyone without fail, that they are all rising before four morning, attending mangal arati—our leaders shall be careful not to kill the spirit of enthusiastic service, which is individual and spontaneous and voluntary.

They should try always to generate some atmosphere of fresh challenge to the devotees, so that they will agree enthusiastically to rise and meet it.

That is the art of management: to draw out spontaneous loving spirit of sacrificing some energy for Krishna.

But where are so many expert managers? All of us should become expert managers and preachers. We should not be very much after comforts and become complacent or self-contented.

There must be always some tapasya, strictly observing the regulative principles—Krishna Consciousness movement must be always a challenge, a great achievement to be gained by voluntary desire to do it, and that will keep it healthy.

So you big managers now try to train up more and more some competent preachers and managers like yourselves. Plus attracting colleges, University students.

Yet it seems that none of this extremely un-Vaishnava behaviour concerns you in the slightest. Do you have no shame? It is simply saying that the heads of these organizations are praising HKC which is true as all these personalities including MPP have actually written these comments to us.

None of the other personalities are complaining except MPP. In fact these heads of SKIT or MGMC who are not devotees in normal estimation are very happy if their comments can give some benefit to our preaching activities.

Only MPP is unhappy about it. In the first place why did MPP give this comment in writing which he does not want others to know???

Why this duplicit behavior??? What harm can this comment do to MPP or A. This comment could have helped HKC to counteract the bad propaganda by A.

P Jaipur devotees but MPP wrote some instigating mails after this which made the situation here worse. HKC devotees : First of all there is no misunderstanding here.

P, Jaipur devotees have been calling HKC bogus etc. For your kind information HKC was already preaching from before and having their centre and A.

P came to Jaipur much later. P, Jaipur devotees who increased their attacks after the approval of their leader. Dayalu Nitai Prabhu was telling MPP that why is he making a big issue out of this incident and not referring to the main issue wherein his A.

But there was no response, infact he wrote to Dayalu Prabhu not to write any more mails to him. Now it is very clear to us that MPP, CPP never wanted to stop this and they were being nice nice to us while on the back this bad propaganda was continuing.

Dear Amar Puri prabhu, Please accept our humble obeisances. It is possible that a Protestant, modern Bible could be cursed?

Not the Message or Passion translations, but other ones? Good day thank you answerring my question. I have a very important question what to do if I got disown by my parents because I leave Roman Catholic and what if they persecution me?

More here. The Secret Truth of Roman Catholicism. Hello Good day! To me not all of them are curse because I believe that some sci Fi can turn inventions into reality and some of sci Fi that turn into reality can make our lives easier and not only that but also can make our lives awesome.

Our imaginations turn our wildest inventions into reality. I just ask because I am just curious as to why sci Fi is curse. The answer will be about degree.

There is a theory that makes sense which is that the little grey men are in fact demons and UFOs are a demonic manifestation.

Although it is possible perhaps there are also angelic spacecraft? Opening demonic doorways though is so dangerous that it is best to avoid as far as possible.

Certainly, it is known that many who have dabbled in ufology, etc. On the other hand. Although of course the potential is there that it could be depending on the film itself and when and where it is watched by which person.

The Enemy will mimic God and the light that is sometimes connected with extra-terrestrials and UFOs, etc.

To the extent that — whatever sci-fi it is — it mimics God, or denies our Creator, it is indeed cursed. As with so much in this world, approach with caution.

Hi good day I have a question. Its about birthday party. Is it ok to celebrate on that event? Because I want to enjoy on that very day and make it memorable.

Thank you for your question. I would say the answer to that would be it up to you to make an informed decision bearing in mind individual circumstances.

The only two times birthdays are mentioned in the Bible were for a Pharoah and Herod, and both times somebody was executed.

I think from that we can gather that it is a pagan practice. Only you can decide whether you want to proceed on the basis of the individual occasion, such as, for example, with a child or a sick or elderly person.

Hi good day! I have a question, is it ok if I create my own fanfic story where a character is evil and uses his demon power to hurt someone or kill but at the end the character receives Jesus as his Lord and saviour and repented of his sins.

Blu a spix macaw has suddenly have a demonic power called the darkness because it chooses its host. Sometime in the he cause chaos and hurt other people and killed many birds.

At the nearly end of the story he regrettes his actions and wantes to end it and suddenly he heard the gospel of Jesus Chrisr and he receives christ as his lord and saviour.

That should be fine. Do you know about Chick comics? Some time ago, they created a whole line of comics and they can be bought quite cheaply now here:.

In your opinion, that is. Do you believe in the Bible? If you do, please check the Bible references provided in the article and you will see that there is scriptural precedent for all of it.

Primarily, the occult and cursed object list is long because without realising it, we are steeped in the occult and in idolatry. Idolatry is something that God hates and so in a way we become aligned with the demonic when we engage in something idolatrous, and that may be simply having something idolatrous in our house.

It can be compared to a man having pornography in his house so he becomes aligned with that. For scriptural precedent, please read about Rebecca having idols in her tent.

Thank you for reading my question I look forward on hearing your responce. Both pentagrams and hexagrams have strong occultic connections and are widely used in witchcraft.

You may have seen in a film how it is said that people can chalk one on the floor to summon a demon. As to what was the original symbol of Israel, it could have been a menorah and we may have heard even before that it was a burning bush.

We have not had time to research this now but there will almost certainly be one or several good articles about this on the internet, or videos on Youtube or Vimeo.

Hello good day! I have 2 questions. But may I ask is it all kinds of dragon or some kinds of dragons. Your questions are perfectly valid.

The fact is by becoming involved in any way with the supernatural, we open ourselves up to deception and give legal licence rights for the demonic to influence other aspects of our life, however subtly.

First they attract you, then they influence you, then they slowly get control over you. What they are really after is possessing your mind, and then your soul.

Time travel is a deception offered like a poisoned chalice, to get people to fall under a type of spell.

As has also been the case with many so-called UFO abductions. The original dragon was the talking and walking serpent with legs in the Garden of Eden.

He seduced the first people saying if they would worship him he could give them power through knowledge and information and they could become like gods and live forever.

The same lie is perpetuated today, in repackaged formats, transmitted over the media and made to look attractive and desirable. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

Although dragons do not exist in the physical, there is no doubt they manifest in the supernatural. There is a lot of deception going on where demons are portrayed as nice friendly creatures in various guises.

The truth is if you had an actual real encounter with one of these beings as they really are, you would definitely not wish to repeat the experience.

In folklore, in some countries dragons have a friendly aspect, but in many Christian-type cultures dragons are classed as evil, or the manifestation of the devil himself.

There are numerous fairy tales and myths etc. Yet in the East, which is mostly non-Christian, dragons are presented in a beneficent light, in particular countries like Persia, India and China.

There are certain powers working overtime to present the demonic realm in various guises as something friendly and beneficial to mankind.

Whereas the truth is in reality they hate and want to destroy mankind, who they blame for their fall from heaven and their predicament because they know they can never be redeemed.

What is really going on in the world today is a fulfilment of Bible prophecy. The most important thing we can do is learn to apply from the Bible what is really happening and we what need to know for ourselves and others to get through these Last Days.

Moreover, dragons, even if they did exist, and even if there were such a thing as a friendly variety, would not be able to save us, but God can.

I just want to thank you first of all for putting this list together. I wrote a prayer confessing each item on this list as sin, rejecting it, renouncing it, and repenting of it, for my iniquity and that of my ancestors..

I tried to pray it many, many times in the last weeks but demons of distraction made sure I could never finish. Last night, during my midnight vigil, I prayed for God to help me to finally do it.

I did from the top of the list to the bottom. I had so many demonic manifestations that I was asking Jesus to help me breathe. I was utterly exhausted from all that and now I feel so light!

Thank You, Jesus! Some of those things sound so very nice it is hard to imagine they are occultic. I was beyond shocked when I looked up Couenism!!!!!!!!!!

I used to be addicted to self-help books and God literally had me throw out almost self-help books. Later when I learned about automatic writing, I now believe lots of those bestsellers were probably channeled from ascending masters.

That is why I truly appreciate this list. Thanks a million! I also used to be a therapeutic massage therapist with my own clinic, trying to stay away from the new age music by playing Christian instrumental, etc.

Now I loved my craft so much! But right when my practice was starting to thrive, I sensed a check in my spirit. I quickly told God that if he was NOT in it, to turn my heart away from it.

He did it instantly! I was shocked at the speed with which He responded. Right there my practice started to die a slow death. That is my testimony.

I realize now how daily life is layered with all kinds of occultism especially if you are a little child in America! I have dual citizenship, Kenyan and American and I got way more compromised in America, wow!

In Africa, the things that compromise you are more obvious and a Christian can steer clear easily. There is a clearer distinction between the holy and the profane.

That usually comes from people who have never read the Old Testament carefully or they would know what idolatry is and how God is angry, angry, and really angry about adultery.

He hates it with a perfect hatred. But since just about every Christian I have ever met never reads the Old Testament, they know not God.

This website is truly a blessing to the body of Christ. Good day! Example is the google play I like to ask what kind of phone version are you using, are you using apple or android.

However, there is a degree to which it is up to you whether you want to have it around. No need for it to prevent you using a preferred app, or anything else.

Hope this helps. Because I believe that Jew and Christian worship the same God and I know that we may have different culture such as on how we eat, and etc but I do believe we have the same bible like Torah.

Because Christians and Jewish follow the same mountain. The Bible teaches us that we must worship the Father in spirit and in truth because God is seeking such people to have a relationship with him.

We have been repeatedly warned of a great deception in the Endtimes, when Jesus said that many will come in His name and mislead many. However, when this is examined more closely there are huge differences.

We believe there is one God, and one way to Him which is through His Son. Truth by its nature is singular and narrow, there is no room for compromise, dilution, additions or subtractions.

They are still waiting for a messiah. Jesus told the Jews who rejected Him as Messiah that they are of their father the devil. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him.

Whenever he tells a lie, he speaks from his own nature, because he is a liar and the father of lies. For this, Jesus promised them that unless they believe in Him, they will die in their sins John — and we know everyone who dies in their sins goes to hell, not purgatory because purgatory is a false teaching that is NOT in the Bible.

However, Jews and Christians both share the same Old Testament. Jews also strongly believe in the Talmud and the Zohar, two books that were written by Rabbis who deny that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

Once other books are introduced other than the Bible, human beings plunge straight into error, every single time! Their gods are demon gods.

White who is a proven false prophetess. The Mormons are also in error for they believe in Joseph Smith who is like another Jesus to them.

I am a Christian. I have read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation several times. There is no scripture that tells us to follow a mountain.

So do not follow that advice. Throw it away today. According to these verses, we have Jesus and the pope is not necessary unless someone wants to replace Jesus with the pope:.

Okay, a lot of this list I agree with, but it may be best with some of these to put an author if they are book titles… Thank you… For a moment I was thrown off when I saw some these items.

Great list! Are all of these things bad no matter how nice they are? They can be if they inspire you to dance in a sinful way or if it makes you think about sinful things or if it brings up anything negative in you or towards others.

I too always thought that crosses are idols, same as fashion, money, family members other people employment. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Some information could be doctrinally unsound. Pray for guidance and discernment and test everything against the word of God. Truth in Reality.

Skip to content. Home Contact. The Curses of Disobedience But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee: Cursed shalt thou be in the city, and cursed shalt thou be in the field.

What the Bible says about Graven Images Christianity Check Christian literature where it is not that unusual to find occult symbolism.

The Occult and Cursed Objects List available in Word format at the end of article for use as a checklist Check home, garden, garage, office, and transport against this list.

Animation, some Anime Ankh Anthroposophy — books, products — anything Apparitions, ghosts, phantoms, etc. Biochemic system — tissue salts — Dr Schussler Bio-energetics Biofeedback, neurofeedback, biorhythms Biopathy Birds some, can represent demons, esp.

Birth signs Birthstones, etc. Monarch butterfly Cabbage Patch dolls — check the tags — all birthdays are 31st October Cabbala — see alternative spellings after this list Caduceus Candle staring Candles — candle magic — often used in pagan worship and dedicated to idols Card cutting Card playing sets Card reading Care Bears Cartomancy Cartoons — some Carvings pagan Catholicism and any paraphernalia incl.

Crucifixes, crosses, torture instrument, esp. Devas — nature spirits, fairies, elves, etc. Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Eight Ball Electric shock treatment Elephants — figures, pictures etc. Fornication, pornography, oral sex — anything Fortune telling Foundation of Human Understanding — another gospel Freemasonry, masonry, freemasons, masons, masonic membership, literature, regalia, anything Freud Frogs, toads — pictures or figures unclean spirits like frogs Gaia — goddess worship Gambling, betting, bingo, lotto, lottery, lucky prize draw Games — many Gargoyles often found in architecture even in churches and cathedrals Geisha Gemstone therapy Genies or djinns Geomancy Gestalt therapy Ghosts, apparitions, phantoms, etc.

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